Slow and Steady vs Fast and Furious

Brooke ~ I have been committed to a no sugar/no flour/IF protocol for 4 weeks. You are so right in that I feel amazing physically; no bloat or inflammation, no ups/downs energy-wise, and the hunger pangs have dissipated. As long as I stay busy (key) I can comfortably wait until at least 1 pm most days to eat my first meal even with a fasted hour dance class or power hike. My question is about weight loss. What should I expect to see? I had 12 pounds to lose. I have lost 3 in the 4 weeks. Is this in the ‘normal’ range or do most Scholars lose 10 pounds in one month like I have seen here on Ask Brooke, etc…..? I was hoping that would be my experience! lol I am very comfy/happy with my protocol (a glass of wine or bubbly, chips/salsa and fresh fruit here and there) and don’t really want to tweak it other than continuing to up my fat game and lesson my protein. This feels like a lifestyle and not a diet and I am super grateful for you and your work. xoxo