Slow week

Hi Brooke! So I’ve had an extremely slow week in my business; however, next week is looking fantastic because it’s busy which is so great. My question to you is how to stay motivated during a super slow time. I know we need to decide to do things for ourselves ahead of time knowing it will pay off in the end. I have trouble getting out of bed early when I don’t have to. I end up sleeping in and in turn feel groggy and less motivated than if I had a normal amount of sleep. I know this is super indulgent and I’m trying out models like C- waking up early T – I will be super productive in the morning F – excited A – work on business R – move forward in my business. But my brain wants to go to the negative unfortunately and wants to run this model C – waking up early T – What I do in the morning won’t matter anyways F – defeated A – don’t wake up R – feel crappy all day. Why does our brain do this?? I want to use my slow days to work on filling my days but I have this terrible thought loop of “it doesn’t matter” which I need to stop. I’m still struggling with the scheduling thing and really want to be efficient at doing that and honoring it. It’s like my body goes into panic mode when I think of scheduling then I really don’t do anything at all! So here I am today feeling super groggy when I told myself last night that I would wake up early today and get some shit done! Thanks so much!