Slow Weight Loss

Hi Brooke,
I’ve been working on models and thought downloads over the last 2 months and I’m still finding it difficult to manage my urges. I’ve lost about 2 pounds over 2 months which is VERY slow. My mind is in a better place, but I’m still finding myself eating even at the smallest hint of hunger causing me to always eat more than what I plan for the day. I tried models and complete the models, but when I’m in the moment it’s like everything goes out the window. Maybe I need a better reminder for when I’m in the moment of urges? When I do the inner work it’s almost like I’m afraid to be hungry (silly!).

C – hunger
T – i need to eat something
F – worried/fear
A – eat something
R – always eating at the smallest hint of hunger. not managing emotions.

C – small hint of hunger
T – this is just a request. thank you for letting me know. we’re OK. we’re going to dine in until it’s time to eat.
F – empowered
A – not eating. dining in.
R – only eat the amount of food I planned for the day. Dining in the rest of the time.

Thank you!