Slow weight loss

Hi coaches,
I have been doing the SOE program since October 2018. I lost 20lbs and have 30lbs more to go. It has been slow, but it has really helped me to process all that has been coming up for me.
My protocol is no sugar/flour ; eating 2 meals between 12 and 7pm;
midday; fruit, leftovers from night before and evening: protein (4oz tofu or 1/2c lentils or 1/2c beans or 2 eggs or 4oz cheese), lots of fat (plant based), grain or potatoes and lots of vegetables.
I can see the weight has been gradually going down, but I am not sure if there is something else I should do because it has only changed by 1 lb the month of March and I am wondering if it has stalled.
I am completely fat adapted as if I do get hungry it goes away quickly.
I am also 53 .
I would love your input.