Small breakthrough and a question

1st small breakthrough:
Last night after work and errands, I came home and started making the dinner I had planned. Part way through, I realized it was going to take longer than I had thought it would and I was getting very hungry. Normally in that situation, I would have had something sweet as a snack. Instead, I had a bite of smoked turkey from the fridge which held me over till my meal was done. I felt really good about that! I also realized that even though I like to cook, I will do much better with meals I have prepared ahead of time or quick meals than trying new long recipes during the week!

2nd breakthrough: I have had several days at work this week when I was practicing not being stressed and realizing stress was a choice. The day felt much better not stressed. I will have lots more opportunities to practice not stressing over the next couple months. It doesn’t come easily yet.

Finally, I would like to listen to the podcast on practicing an emotion. I’ve looked through the list of titles but am not finding it. Can you help?