A Small Success Story for Kids

Hi Brooke and other SCS-ers! Just wanted to share a small success about my niece, a four and a half year old twin, Olivia. Her and her sister, Annabelle, were playing nicely but Olivia got in trouble, got upset and had to sit out. I sat down by her and asked her if she was ready to be happy and go back to playing yet. She pouted at me and turned away. I then asked her if at the end of our day when she went to sleep if she wanted to think back to the whole day and remember being sad or being happy. I said that she had the power to decide to be happy right now “like that,” as I snapped my fingers, by thinking about how fun playing with Annabelle could be. A few minutes later she motioned me to lower my ear to her so she could whisper, “Emmie, I decide to be happy now,” then snapped her fingers and smiled really big. 🙂

Before this program I had no idea that I could simplify the concept of our thoughts deciding our feelings to a small child but we can and it works. It saved us a lot of trouble at the playground that day and I’m thankful that I could share this story with their mom and give her a new tool as a parent.

Thank you, Brooke!