Small win and a question

I took a screenshot of my bank account app this morning because this is the first time in my life it’s ever been this high which was exciting in itself but meant more to me because I’m 100% self employed so yay 🙂

This is also related to my question. I thought that when I started to make more money in my business, I would feel more comfortable spending money.

I have debt, drive an old, unreliable car, and use a computer that probably has a few months left to it.
Despite all of that, I am having a hard time putting any money towards solving these issues.

I feel the need to just keep all my money. I know I have the thought “when I have $XX, then I will feel better about paying debt/buying car/buying laptop”, but I can’t tell if this is a good thought to have.

I want to be more comfortable spending money especially when it’s for things I actually need. I want to feel confident in my buying decisions. I want to be able to invest in my business. I want to believe in myself when I think: I know how to make the money back.