Smaller Fails and Results

Hi Brook and team!
It is my first month in Scholars !! 🙂

My Impossible goal is to pay off all of my Debt in 2019 – I have $100,000 of student and consumer debt.

I am currently brainstorming my 25 fails. I have come up with a few I like:

1. Turn my Thesis research into a downloadable marketing/ rebranding plan that seniors organizations can buy and use to engage more men in their programming.

2. Create a writing contest with an entry fee where submissions will be judged by leaders in the literary field, win a $1000 prize and be published in a local publication.

3. Create a marketing and communication strategy for my partner’s business.

4. Buy nothing in January (except bills and rent)

I guess my question is should I break these into smaller fails? like Create a website, synthesize research, etc. Or still think of 21 more fails?

Also, I read that these should be results, not actions. Should I attach a monetary value to each? like, make $25,000 from my thesis research website?