Smelly C

Hi! I’m recently single in my late 40’s. I would like to find a partner.
C = I sweat at night.
T = no one will want to be with someone who sweats at night and wakes up wet and smelly.
F = discouraged
A= demotivated to date. Join online dating, but don’t want to get too close, then do not spend time in dating-related activities. Do not clean house. Think about how people might be interested superficially but once we spend the night together they will not want to be with me. Think about the right time to share this information. Think about how I could get up and shower, change my clothes, brush my teeth, etc in the morning, every morning, and don’t want to be doing that.
R = I am not being with me? (I’m not sure what it would look like to be with me)

I also have bad breath in the morning.
My daughter tells me I smell bad often in the morning and my pee smells.
I didn’t have these issues when I was dating my ex 15 years ago.

Being smelly doesn’t seem like a neutral C, seems like a smelly C.

Other than problem-solving for sweat and smell, I don’t know how to work with this circumstance that seems it really will put people off.

Telling myself something like “there is probably a guy out there who doesn’t mind sweat and bad smells” does not seem believable. Thank you.