I bought my house specifically for the balcony and to not be in a condo where people smoke below me. No one in my community smokes, but the building behind me has four people that all like to smoke at once. Several times on the weekend. I am trying to enjoy the beautiful weather out on my property and these people are smoking most of the day. It irritates my eyes and I have trouble breathing, not to mention it stinks. I feel so powerless to enjoy my own property. I feel like the laws protect their right to smoke over my right to breathe fresh air. I question our government and the corruption that would make it so easy for these people to hurt themselves and others. This also happen at the beach and I see people just put out their cigarettes in the sand and leave them there. There are butts all over and the trash collector machines can’t pick them up. I also have to move away from my umbrella that I set up and stand in the sun until the person that just camped out next to me stops smoking. I know all of this is just the story I tell myself, but it seems so obviously irritating and prevalent. How do I deal with the disappointment of having to go inside on a beautiful day or umbrella that I worked so hard to put up? I see people making amazing arguments for change and see that their voices go unheard. How can I feel powerful when I have no power over my physical environment except to leave?