Smokin’ pot…

Hey Brooke-My 16 yr old just told me that she tried smoking pot at a school event. She is a 4.0 student, I’m stunned. Anyway-have tried several models to try to reconcile consequences and boundaries w keeping open communication. I’m stuck. Help please!
C: smoked
T: understand teens and it’s still not ok at all
F: compassion
A: open convo
R: she knows I’m a safe place
C:smoked pot
T: there are consequences for smoking pot
F: matter of fact/clean
A: grounded? Clarify rules-“from now on?” If this then that”; tell her I’m randomly drug testing? Etc etc…
R: she is clear on boundaries

Isnt the R LINE just basically making a choice on my rules/values regardless of whether it challenges our communication in the future?

Thank you!😊