Snacking after dinner

So, throughout the last weeks I got really good at eating exactly what my body requires for fuel. There is one thing I’d still love to adapt: Snacking after dinner. By doing models I realized I either choose to think that I’m missing out on comfort and joy when I do not snack – which leads to snacking, gives me short pleasure, and prevents me from making a new experience. Or I choose to think that I don’t know what to do around my snacking behavior, which drives me to snack, thus does not lead to new insights.

I want to feel confident about how I handle snacking in the evening and came up with some ideas:
– Try one week completely without snacking and see what comes up.
– Try one week with daily snacking (no restrictions at all) and see how body responds.
– Try one week with cycling in and out snacks (one day with snacking, one without).
– Buy/store less snacks, make snacking less available after dinner.
– Define exactly how much and what type of snack I’m going to have in advance.
– Replace snacking by another activity. (Each time I want to snack, I do that instead.)

Collecting these ideas, I think that I know many ways to adapt my snacking behavior. Which makes me feel confident. Which leads to trying them out. Writing this here, I realize that I do not even have a question. 😀 Can you give feedback on whether I’m on the right track? Thanks