Sneaky Negative Spirals

I’ve noticed topics and people that enjoy topics (weather complaints, traffic, political happenings, health woes, advice, they view everything as a problem, tension, hidden anger of shoulds) that spiral into unproductive nodding. These discussions aren’t dialogue between two people but just verbalizing their thoughts that all have a tone and theme that I find draining.
The work I’ve done is allowing and unconditionally loving. Trying a lightness and knowing that this isn’t mine to fix, this is where they are comfortable… But if I try to “take their pain (where they feel comfortable) away” by moving the topic along, nodding and going on. They return. So, after feeling like Ive put energy into the situation… I lovingly place distance and rebalance the relationship with space.
C Less conversations with someone I love unconditionally
T I love them, and will keep it positive, if it spirals I’ll remain aware
F In integrity with self
A Not allowing myself to be drained
R Show up with love in relationship

Am I on the right track?
Is their judgements I should lay down?
Where can I take more responsibility?
Am I hiding negativity that I have work to do upon

Your podcast this week was amazing!