Snowballing frustration from mistake at work

So I am pretty frustrated with myself about how I have handled the mistakes I made on a project I’m currently working on to resolve.  I recently provided what I thought was mistake proof and good project to a client yesterday until a co-worker reached out to me within 15 minutes of providing the finished project over to the client.

C: My co-worker said words and we had a 15 minute zoom meeting.
T: He could have handled this better
F: Frustrated
A: Ignored what else he told me for the remaining 14 minutes. More thoughts about how he should have approached this.
R: I could have handled this better

C: Coworker points out the mistakes that I made
T: I can’t believe I made such a silly mistake
F: Frustrated
A: worked on fixing project until 9 pm. Didn’t eat dinner.  Didn’t relax much prior to bed.
R: I make more mistakes

C: Co-worker comments on revised project
T: The client is going to think I am dumb
F: Frustrated
A: Don’t do tasks on calendar, don’t eat lunch, I spend 5 hours fixing project, I reach out to client stating that I am reviewing project with co-worker but don’t give an expected time project will be completed again
R: I am making dumb decisions

I am super frustrated at how much the initial mistake has continued to snowball. I don’t feel ready for an intentional model. What are some questions that I can ask about my unintentional models?  What other unintentional models do you see that I do not?