So Helpful

I’m so glad your dog is OK, can’t remember now if it was Rory or Rocket? What you did on the call yesterday, telling the story in 3 variations, was brilliant. I will never forget it, it was visual for me, seeing the difference of the drama and then the facts side by side. Just saying, it was, for me, presented in a way that I learn best.

Thank you for the coaching as well. I got off the call and immediately was filled with the thought: “How wonderful that extra money wants to enter my life every month, and all I have to do is say YES.” No urgency, no scarcity, just the fact that it is there if I choose it. Going to make appointment today. Don’t know what I will do and that is OK. I will gather the facts and keep flowing in abundance thoughts. The shift in my energy around this is palpable. It’s all good.

XX Janet