So I’m not inspired and totally avoiding my impossible goal :-(

I set it to make 250 k
I am currently dissolving my business and don’t know what my next career move will be…so making 250 is not inspiring…feels not real and overwhelming (I know this is because of my thoughts)

I do need to make money, have a career, and
I want to be inspired by my impossible goal and my future.

Thinking maybe I should change my goal to
1 Close my business with integrity….
2 then find a new career that I love and I can support me and my son?
3 Getting clarity on what I need to get by and reverse engineer a $ number based on that.
Maybe more chunked down digestible actions? but that’s also 3 goals it does feel impossible to start over so I’m on the right track…

My company is currently operating at a loss. I’m living off savings and staying home and just doing coaching stuff all day lol. I am loving it and I’m finding so much pleasure in not working. So making 250 k feels like telling myself to go outside and just walk to china without a map…🤷‍♀️
In cleaning my Brain with the thought downloads, I saw that part of my conflict is that I am LOVING not working!!!!Previously this was hidden from my view.

Can you help me see what I can choose for an impossible goal that I can get excited about that actually feels actionable?