So intrigued

So. My May challenge of not eating sweets after dinner is not a total success in the sense that I have regularly chosen to indulge and not honor my commitment to myself. I am, however, renewing that commitment and not calling it a failure, just a learning opportunity.

What’s intriguing to me is that I’ve noticed my body image changes drastically depending on whether I’m keeping my commitment or not. From one day to the next, without my weight fluctuating, I feel slim and beautiful when I haven’t eaten sweets the night before, and less so when I have. Isn’t it interesting?

It means it’s definitely my thoughts (shocker!) but I’m not quite sure what the model for this is — what do you think of the below?

C: Not eating sweets after dinner
T: I am in tune with my body’s needs and don’t buffer with food
F: Slim and beautiful
A: Carry myself with confidence throughout the day, act loving toward myself
R: Make good choices in line with my values

Thank you!