So many feelings about interviewing for a new position.

There are so many feelings when it comes to interviewing for a new job. Right now I feel nervous, excited, curious about the prospect of a new job. The interview process just has me terrified.

I might be getting ahead of myself because I can imagine a better working environment. I understand that I need to find a new position for my own growth and development. I need to be with professionals who will level me up to next phase of my life.

Brooke says to leave with love. I am frustrated by how people were treated especially during a pandemic. I work in Healthcare. I am terrified that it is toxic like this everywhere. I had a beautiful workplace with coworkers who became family for over twenty years. I long for the respect, trust and comradery that we all shared. We were such a good group of people who really made a difference in the lives of people with complex medical needs.

There is so much deception and lack of respect and professionalism at my current workplace. I am trying not to compare with the past but I really feel that I need to work alongside people who align with me. I have not been offered a job yet. I just know that I need to leave for my own sanity. I am terrified to make another bad decision. I left the company of over twenty years when our department was sold. I was hired by another company who ended up letting me go after an acquisition and and Executive Director who walked out. I have been working at current company since October 2018. In this time I have lost my husband to suicide. I was one of many employees treated badly. Others have moved on.

How can I move on with peace? There is not enough staff for my referrals. There is no way to be successful. I need to sort this.