So much resistance to everything

Hello! I’m a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur. I quit my full-time job in April to pursue my life coaching business full time. I guess I might have had the assumption that working in my business would always feel enjoyable… But I’m constantly finding resistance to doing EVERYTHING in my life on a daily basis. I don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t want to workout. I don’t want to make offers and DM people and network. I don’t want to post on social media. All I find myself enjoying is listening to SCS calls or listening to trainings of some sort (like Tony Robbins). But I hate coming up against resistance all the time. I know I should probably feel my feelings here… But I guess I’m just wishing there wasn’t so much resistance to accomplishing my goals every single day… This is a model I did:

C tasks I set for the day
T I don’t want to do these things today
F resistance
A do things I plan to do anyway, but with resentment and irritation
R I don’t enjoy doing the tasks I set for myself

Should I work on feeling my feelings first or changing my thought?