Dearest Brooke,

I have been with SCS since the beginning with the goal of losing weight and dropping the war with food that happens in my mind. I created a protocol and was able to produce great results with NS/NF in January and February. In the spring I chose to return to overeating and boomeranged back into old behaviors. I have continued to participate in about 70% of the monthly calls and homework, making small improvements in my thoughts, and relationships but little change in my weight. I try to focus the daily homework on weight loss but find myself buffering by reading the “Ask Brooke” questions and listening to calls. I spent a month working one on one with Katrina but did not commit to my protocol.

I am approaching the 1 year point of SCS and I am disappointed with my results. I have learned a great deal and give myself a lot of credit for still working towards my goal but I want results. I am going to go full out and commit to my protocol for the last quarter of the year. I have a compelling “WHY” and I know how to do this!

So, my question to you is : Does it make sense to bypass the daily work/ calls and concentrate fully on the SO classes and overeating calls? If so, would it be better to start again with the SO 2 day class or to work with the SO Masterclass material (I have listened to month 1 and 2)? I feel like the energy from these classes will give me the momentum I need to get started.

Thanks to you I have a really good picture of what a daily practice will be to stop overeating but I need to dig deep and commit to being uncomfortable. Thank you in advance for your guidance!