Social Event not act creepy

Hi Brooke,

Okay I’m curious your advice for a social event I’m going to.

It will be at a male friend of mines house. When we met I thought he was single and flirted with him and he flirted back. I learned he was with someone when he announced their engagement at an event. I did a lot of work processing my emotions and thoughts and decided I wanted to stay friends.

What has lingered is the thought that his fiancé knew I liked him and therefore doesn’t like me. The model goes like this:
C Kat
T she thinks I still like him and am pathetic trying to hangout with them
A Try to be extra nice to her, talk to her, likely act creepy
R not act genuine, push her away.

C Kat
T what she thinks is none of my business
A treat her like any other person
R be myself

I’ve been trying to repeat the intentional thought but my mind goes to envisioning the party as me acting insecure and needy around her. I think part of it is also being an introvert and I will only really know my friend so there’s also anxiety around just being there.

I have a hard time visualizing myself acting confident around her like I do any other girl. I can tell my brain doesn’t believe I can because it’s using evidence of past encounters with her.

What are your thoughts, should I continue to repeat a visual of how I want it to go? And continue doing models?