social media fast

Hi there. So I am considering taking a break from social media. I would like to better understand how to do it because I know I have the tendency to use willpower. Making a comparison with what Brooke teaches around impossible goals or setting a protocol, I would like to ask you a clarification whether the goal being “scary” is actually desirable and what to do with it. Here below are two models where the difference is just the time of the media fast

## Unintentional 1
– C social media out there. considering a social media fast of one day
– T: I am ready for this to allow what comes up and be curious about the result
– F curious
– A go through the day checking where my brain goes
– R discover something new

Now I imagine a one week fast instead and this is what comes up: this is too hard. I will feel deprived. There is no reason to give myself all of this deprivation. I am already isolated for covid in my flat where I am working, I am exercising, I struggle with insomnia, adding this other thing is me being too hard on myself. And I have done that many times in the past . This is not taking good care of myself. I know feelings of lonely and missing out of fun will be much more intense, in this way I am raising them on purpose, I am just making harm to myself. So this is scary

## Unintentional 2
– C social media out there. considering a social media fast of one week
– T this is me being too hard on myself
– F victim
– A resist (= a way to rebel), move through the goal looking forward to when its over
– R do not change the habit

Could you offer me your feedback on this and suggestion on where to focus my self coaching? thanks