Social media sadness.

If I’m scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or any kind of social media, and I see people showcasing their perfect lives, is there a better way to look at it other than feeling pain? I’ve made it mean something painful things like, “wow my life is so boring”
“Wow my husband wouldn’t ever post a love post about me”
“Wow they are actually getting somewhere in life and I am not”
“Wow are they always this happy…? Man my life must truly suck!”

Okay, I realize this is totally immature of me to think this way, but should I just get off of social media in general? It’s almost as though I’m too jealous to handle any of it…!
Its gotten so bad that even feel this way about people I don’t even know.

I’m just wondering if I can overcome this? Or am I too far messed up, lol.
What strategies can I take to quit feeling so much pain?

I really hate that I’m even asking this question because it’s embarrassing. But it’s the truth and the truth will set me free lol.

Thanks so much ❤️