Social Worker Problem Zone

Hi There,

I work with teenagers as social worker. I got coached on this and it helped me a lot, but I want to still keep going and learn more about myself. So, basically I work with teenagers and one of them sometimes makes me think she hates me or despises me as a person. She says things like “no, with you I don’t want to work with” or “you know what you did wrong.”

Also when the above things were said, I asked her if she was doing ok and if she was alright etc. But, I didn’t really care, so I wasn’t being so genuine. Maybe she somehow felt it, and felt betrayed or I don’t know…

It’s not all the time. There are times where she wants so talk with me and tell me things etc.

And… today this model happened
c: Zoe said “I’m not kidding, that’s a waste of paper, what you are doing”
t: OMG, I said/did something wrong OR ok, i’m sorry.
f: Bad, shame
a: Being cautious of what I say and do, self-doubt creeping up, self-confidence going away, not saying that much
r: Not being myself