Hi coaches,

For 3 years I focused on building a social media following, and completely ignored channeling an income through my page. I had a large following, but no consistent income. My posts would go viral, but I never offered a service or product or believed in myself to offer a paid service.
This year I took the plunge, I have been making a steady income stream- growing and doing SO much and it has been amazing.

However, my following isn’t growing like it used to and my posts aren’t going viral. At first, I was okay with this because it didnt really matter and I feel like im getting clients so that is all that matters. I saw it as this is now my business, so those who no longer resonate with my content should unfollow. But now I catch myself feeling anxious that I’m losing followers and feel like I’m not going to get enough clients if I carry on in this way.

I also find that SO many people have always praised me based on my following. Now that I’m losing them, I start to wonder if they will question my authenticity and feel like I’m less worthy.

Please help coach me on this.