Somatic feelings caused by anxiety

I have been experiencing unprecedentedly high levels of anxiety that began with overwhelm in my brain but now have turned into feelings of nausea and stomach convulsions; my insides are constantly shaking. It is crippling and I am struggling to focus on my tasks, not being productive, and not even able to spend time in my mind parsing through the thoughts causing all the anxiety because the physical feelings in my stomach are taking over and paralyzing me. It is as though I subconsciously pushed thoughts out of my mind so as not to have to deal with them and they landed in a different form in my stomach. I tried to run a model and started with the stomach shakes as my circumstance, and then my thought is that my stomach shakes are making it impossible for me to focus on anything. I need help shifting this thought because I feel like I am trying to create a thought to override a physical sensation. If it was a headache, would a thought about a headache be able to be intentionally created so as not to allow the headache to lead to feelings of hopelessness and uselessness?

I hope this makes sense enough sense for some kind of response!