Somatic response/ People pleasing

I recently discovered that I feel physically triggered when others make a request or demand of me. This mostly occurs in work/ professional settings. I have realized that my body responds with a rush and tightening to the chest. I also hold my breath or breathe shallowly when I have been confronted by a colleague or employer that needs or wants something from me. My body trigger sends a signal to my mind that causes me to impulsively agree to the demand or request without pausing to consider whether I am available or able to meet the requests. The result is more somatic responses that lead to a twisting and tightening in my stomach that feels terribly uncomfortable and then leaves me feeling disempowered.

I did a 20 min coaching call on this and we’ve determined this trigger has been a pattern of years of people pleasing due to a fear of rejection or negative response from me saying no to others. I wanted to dig a little deeper into what I may be projecting onto my colleagues/ employers because I think I am making these somatic responses mean something about me and my relationship with people.

I would love to identify more compassionate ways of seeing myself and how my body has been programmed to reacting to the needs/ requests of others and learn how to use my body’s language to create a safe space for myself when I am confronted. I want to respect myself and reflect that in my behavior and decisions in dealing with other people.

Thanks in advance!