Some bridge thoughts

Hi Brooke,

I’d love your help or review of some bridge thoughts I’m working on. A big step I was missing was really looking at my thoughts from my thought downloads as THOUGHTS (I was doing models and doing the work, but my brain was still quietly believing that all the garbage were facts, not just thoughts).

Now I’m exploring bridge thoughts. I’ve done a whole bunch, but I’m stumped on a few that don’t really seem believable or useful. Here is the original thought plus the bridge thought:

“$XX is too much money to ask people to pay for my services” >> “$XX is just money.”
“I’m afraid I’ll want to quit.” >> “I can survive the feeling of wanting to quit.” (but I can’t help but want to desperately change this thought because if I allow “I want to quit” my Ts create my Fs create my As create my Rs = I will quit!? Is this good enough??)
“Clients won’t think thought work is good enough.” >> “I can think thought work is good enough.”

Am I on the right track here? I’d love your suggestions if these don’t seem right (I think they don’t to me, but I can’t tell if I’m just judging myself)