Someone Attempting To Impose Their Manual On Me

What do I do when someone is attempting to impose a manual on me? A friend that I work with has told me that I need to act differently in order so that she can feel better and secure in her job. For example, she doesn’t want me to have any relationship with her superiors because she is afraid I’m conspiring to take her job (she has said this, it can go in the C line).

I told her I get to be me and she gets to decide if she chooses to be friends with me or not. She proceeded to tell me I’m a bad friend, people don’t like me and said people tell her she shouldn’t be friends with me because I’m trying to steal her job. I again responded, that’s your choice to agree and believe this statement but I choose not to take them to heart bc they are not true to me.

This was a week ago. Since then, I have found out that she has gone to SIX other coworkers to discuss me. She sent me a list of reasons I’m a bad person (her perspective and things I choose not to believe). My question is, what do I do? Allow this tantrum to continue?