Someone heard me singing to myself in a diner and asked me to audition for a local singing group…..follow up!

So I went! And it was great. Turns out they are an all female acapella barbershop quartet singing group. They are actually a serious group and do annual competitions and also sing at Radio City Music Hall during the Christmas Show! They welcome anyone who is interested in singing to try out… the audition process is several steps. They start off very slowly and really try to cultivate and develop any natural ability. The first step I had to audition and sing “Happy Birthday” (LOL) in front of 4 people in a certain key….once they listened to my voice they placed my in a section and I was allowed to sing with them! Well three hours later I can say that Singing is much harder than it looks! I dont read music but I did my best to keep up. It was really a fascinating experience for me!! I allowed myself to go thru that “baby walking” and falling process..I’ve never done that before in front of people….Very unique and different from my usual re-cycled experiences of staying in the comfort zone. The next step is to learn one of the songs they compete with…very difficult…from the 1930’s…it has to be properly perfected in the proper key with the correct pitch until they will allow me to become an actual member…. thank you so much Brooke for all that you do!