Someone made a better offer on my dream flat and it hurts

I visited a flat and fell in love with it. I made an offer at the posted price to the real estate agent with proofs of my good situation.

After that, she didn’t answer any of my calls and messages to get an update for 3 days.

This morning she finally called me to say that somebody made a better offer just before I visited.

I am completely pissed off because:

1) I’ve been looking for a flat like this for the past 2 years.
2) She kept silent and didn’t update me sooner on the situation. I spent a stressful week end waiting for a sign. She was not professional and not defending my case. She shouldn’t have made me visit if the flat was already promised to the first visitor. What was she hiding not giving any news? I don’t trust her and I think she’s a liar or the weakest employee of the team so she didn’t defend my case.

I spent 2 years desperately looking for this flat. The price was correct, the location was good, the configuration was perfect, and I have the feeling that I won’t find this kind of property anytime soon. I am tired of renting my current tiny flat. I want to feel at home.

I’m trying to completely accept my feelings of anger, disappointment, and betrayal by doing Model after Model to accept the situation and move on… But I can’t.

As a result I cannot focus on work and I have a lot of things to do. I feel my stomach twisting and can’t stop feeling like crying.

Could you please help using the Model so that I feel like this circumstance (i.e. that the flat is no longer available and that the real estate agent was not communicating) is neutral.

Thanks in advance for your help.