Something Different

I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 182, just like it said yesterday and the day before. But my thoughts about it had shifted. When I listened to the Weight Loss vs Fat Loss Advanced Course, there was a deeper understanding within me… an “AH HA” moment.
My body will “woosh”, it will release the weight on its own terms. I’m clear headed, focused and feel wonderful. I feel different at 182 today than I did yesterday and the day before. The Advanced Classes are appreciated. I’m busting through a mental plateau.
C: Scale 182
T: “It says what it says. I know the work I’ve done.”
F: Accepting
A: Stay the course, the course is a gift I give myself.
R: Integrity with my body and brain

I don’t feel angry or disheartened with the scale as a measure. I don’t look at it, get angry and want to punish myself. My integrity is the measure. That is something very different for my thoughts and feelings.
Now, on to my identity.