Sometimes I have trouble hearing my thoughts.

So I’ve been doing this now for 6 months (VIP – woot!) and I’ve noticed something interesting. When I first started, I had a million thoughts that were very loud and easily noticed – mostly negative and unkind to myself. I’ve adopted the practice of saying “no thank you” when those hurtful thoughts arise, and it’s quieted down the noise a great deal. Which is FABULOUS and helping me manage my anxiety so much.

What I’ve noticed now is that when I sit down to do my TDLs each morning, I can’t always identify what I’m thinking. I know the thoughts are there (usually there are a couple of obvious ones at first) but it’s kind of like they are behind a gauzy curtain. I can see their shape, but I can’t quite see what they are. My mind is quiet, which I am thankful for after decades of obsessive thinking, but it makes it challenging to find thoughts to work on.

I notice this happening about half of the time now. I know that I have thoughts that are so deeply ingrained I can’t observe them yet. How do I bring them to the surface so that I can work on them? How do I access those quieter thoughts?

I hope this makes sense. Thanks for any insight!