Hi there. My son is at sleep away camp and it was an emotional good bye on Sunday. He was very scared, nervous, etc. and I did my best to help him understand that this was totally normal, to feel into his feelings and that we as humans were made for all of the emotions, good and bad. He was still very weepy and resistant to going. My husband got a call from camp and said he is very home sick and wants to come home. I didn’t take the call — however I did call back to speak to the counselor myself. I want coaching on myself. I know my son will be fine whatever the outcome is but I am (and have been since he has left) thought looping on him and its weighing on me. Every picture they send home my mind is like “he looks exhausted”, “he is not smiling ever”, “he looks so thin”, “I wonder if he is making friends”. I would love some relief from this internal harassment

C Son at Camp
T I just want him to be happy
F Nervous
A Look for signs he is happy, spin out in my head about him, create fantasies of him suffering, distracted from my son who is at home, feel heaviness, create sadness for myself
R I am not happy

Thoughts? It’s taking up a lot of my brain space and making me feel stuck in my own life. TIA.