Son completing homework

I am just starting to explore using the model in my mothering. I have a 15-year-old who is learning how to manage his time and assignments in high school. He just started the second semester of 9th grade. How do I start exploring my thoughts/feelings in order to find where my balance is between “support” and “over-involvement.”

How do I let him find his way and provide appropriate support in a way that helps him feel confident? Recently (exacerbated during COVID) he has lost his motivation to do school work. He would rather play video games and watch anime films. I feel that I have a role to play to help him find his success at balancing his school responsibilities and learning executive function skills. And I want him to find his own way.

Right now it seems that his own way would be to scrap school and just live in a virtual world of passive consumption (watching anime) and video gaming (virtual and real connection with friends). How do I move into a space where I can trust that he will find his own way and feel that I am being a responsible parent.

There is probably so much to unpack in just the little that I wrote here. I will try to come back tomorrow with a thought download and a model or two. I am noticing that I want him to do his homework without resistance. I am in his model and wanting him to feel motivated about school. I need to get out of his model (and out of my husband’s model too!) and figure out my own work around this. I will be back.