Son diagnosed with ADHD

I am having a lot of drama about my son. He was diagnosed with ADHD this year and we hired a professional therapist to help him as well as had him evaluated and made his school aware.

We had a call with his teachers and my son’s therapist to ensure we were all focusing on the same things.

In my opinion, my son does have ADHD in the sense he has a hard time sitting still for a long time but I also feel there is more potential for him than the teachers see and they are excusing some of his behavior as ADHD.

They mentioned holding him back. After my therapist called me and suggested I medicate him. I am not sure how to approach this with my son or if that is something I want to do. My husband and I are arguing over it — he wants to medicate him but I at least want to speak with my son about what is going on. I would love some help unpacking this.