Son going to College

I’m having a really hard time nailing down a good model to help me with my son’s drop off to school. He will be a freshman in College so this is the first time for him to be away from home. The college is not letting any parents into the dorms and are expecting us to drop our son off at the front door with all his items and move himself in. This is so hard for me because I want to have the experience of setting up my sons room with him and knowing he is settled when I leave. I cannot seem to get a good model on this and have included what I have so far:

C – Son’s college will not allow any parents to help move in
T – It’s not ok for the school to make this decision when this is an important piece of leaving your kid at school
F – Angry
A – Complain to others, send email to school stating my unhappiness
R – The circumstance does not change and I feel miserable

C – Son’s college will not allow parents to help move student in
T – I understand with COVID that the school is trying to protect our children
F – Thankful
A – I drop my child off and say our goodbye’s outside of the school
R – He moves himself in and is able to settle on his own

I don’t like my intentional model because I’m not believing it right now.