Son not happy at school

I’m wondering if you could offer some suggestions as I continue to get stuck on this model.

C – My son said he wants to leave school because he is so unhappy
T – I want my son to be happy, but I don’t know if him leaving school is the right decision
F – Anxious
A – I fight with my husband, cater to my sons feelings
R – No decision gets made and we remain in turmoil

I tried to self coach myself so I could dig deeper and try to find help in how to move forward with this decision. This is where I’ve gone so far.

Why are you choosing to be confused? Because I feel like I don’t have a good answer…..Why are you choosing to think this? I feel like I have the answer I think it should be, but my husband feels opposite of that decision. Why? Because he thinks my son should suck it up and finish out the year at school and I see my son going backwards and think he should stay home and regroup as his mental health and well being are more important than being completely miserable.

I feel like I’m stuck in the same place as where I started the model. How can I move forward with this?