Son not listening

I was out for a walk with my 4 year old (in a gated compound not near roads) and some neighbors when he biked way too far and didn’t follow instructions. He stopped just around a corner out of sight. When I caught up to him (which took longer then usual as I couldn’t run so I had time to get steamed) I was pissed and was way too sharp with him, upsetting him. I have done a lot of thought work on parenting as I’m parenting differently than my parents did and would like to get a clear set of models on this. My brain is telling me this situation was different as safety is concerned, but was safety actually an issue or is this my brain trying to convince me to take the old neural pathway of just get really mad and loud? Below is my unintentional model.

C – E biked way too far and didn’t follow instructions exactly. He did stop but not when I asked and out of sight.
T – I need to stress to him that he needs to listen when safety is concerned.
F – anger, possibly hostility
A – use mean voice, grab arm, act like my mom, upset him and myself, can’t comfort him as usual because of baby in carrier, apologize for being mean, act like an asshole.
R- I stress to him that I’m an asshole when Safety is concerned? I don’t listen to me when safety is concerned? Not too sure.

C – same
T – I need to stay calm??
F – calm I would like to remain calm and level headed in this situation