Son with Rheumatoid Arthritis


My 22 year old son has Rheumatoid Arthritis. It presented in an extremely acute way (we were told it was a “medical emergency”) 4 years ago. He had a rocky time of it, but was able to graduate college and is now building a career and supporting himself as a composer and musician. I struggle with intense fear for him because he has bone on bone joint damage in his right wrist which affects his ability to play and perform. I want to show up for him in the most helpful way possible.

C: RA condition
T: I have no control over any of this and I want to help make it better for him
F: Fear for son experiencing pain and not being able to use his right arm, and for his future
A: Paralyzed; sometimes stuck on the couch
R: I don’t help him

C: RA condition
T: He’s learning to take charge of his own health, and he’s smart – he can figure out alternative income streams other than performing
F: Love (opposite of fear?)
A: Support him any way he needs/wants
R: Help him research alternatives like clinical trials and different therapies

Am I missing something?