Sonja’s Manifesto

I just listened to the manifesto podcast, and what great timing because I also spent some time this morning really diving into Jess Lively’s teaching about writing to your intuition! Here’s what it had to say about my Human Life Manifesto:

Live big because you’ll die no matter how small or big you decide to go.
Rejection by others is NOT death.
No feeling will kill you, only death will.
Life offers you EVERYTHING. Nothing real holds you back. The chains you feel are fully imagined, they live in your ego. They keep you safe from death, which will get you anyway. So we can thank your ego for its efforts and assure your safety, because feelings are not death.
You are all powerful. Since you have the imaginative powers to write stories that bind you, you also have the imaginative power to write stores that catapult you into unknown joy, and inconceivable (by you) despair. From birth to death. all the doors are always unlocked. Death lies behind one of the doors. Until you get to that one, keep pushing them all open. When you open the door and find despair, experience the despair, play with it, consume it. When you open the door and find joy, experience it, play with it, consume it. Know that the experience is yours and its as real as you make it. The reactions of witnesses are only valuable if you find value in them.
Honor your voice, because it is meant to project.
Love, love, love. You’re going to do it anyway.