Son’s relationship with my ex-husband’s girlfriend

Hi there,
I was going through my 11 year old son’s phone to make sure there is nothing inappropriate.

I read through a very long text thread with him and my ex-husbands much younger, model girlfriend. I add that part because my 11 year old son is girl crazy and I think he enjoys the attention of this beautiful girl.

She writes to him almost every day about how much loves and misses him.

She lives in South America, so they have only met a few times but when they are together it is often a vacation 24/7 type thing. The rest of their relationship is obviously through these texts.

I read one that really landed badly on me.

She wrote that he is the only person who understand the purpose of her existence and then when on to say she only wants to be with him. It feels very weird and inappropriate. It feels sometimes like she wants to be his mother or his lover!

I don’t know what to do about this.

I obviously cannot tell her what to do and she would never listen to me anyway.

How do I get ok with her filling my son’s head with this bombardment of love?

He is probably smitten with her on some level. She is a super model. I’m sure he loves the attention. It feels almost dirty to me though.

What do I do? Thanks!!!