Sorry response got sent before i finished. Follow up to husnand relling me im the cause of all conflict with my daughter

I have to say it all sounds logical that our thoughts create our own feelings snd we get to choose how we want to feel. I just dint think it is truly the hunan experience. If my husband tells me i am the causr for the conflict with all the time, and even if i dint agree with him snd my thought is i dint sgree with him, thrn im supposed to think, “ well i dont believe his comment is true so i will not be upset by how the closest person to me views me”. 

I seems like am on an island with all mt thiughts and feelings. A bomg falls from the sky and not inly physically hurts but its loaded with all kind of negative statements about me. This bomb was sent by the person who should love me most and i live most of all. So i say , “ my husband thinks i an the siurce of all conflict with our daughter”. I dont think thats true. But it is coming from someone whose past thoughts and values are so very important to you. How is it normal to not normal to think negative ferlings about that person and ones self? Its not natural to say” well that was a very negative and mean thing to say coning from the person you love the most. I dint want to be angry ir sad , so i will think, thats oinion and nit mine so i think and feel okay about it”. I understand more often than not we can create our feelings by our thoughts. But we would be robots to always want to choose the positive when someone has wounded us. If i think my husband believed the statement he is saying to me how can i feel good about that??