Sorting out Productivity and Lessons from my Business podcasts

I have been working ten-hour days at my job and I using your techniques to become more productive to so that I can work just 8 and have more balance in my life. I took the advice from your productivity podcast about giving myself a set time to get something done and then being willing to accept B- work. I did this this past week. It was great to get home earlier and have more time for other things. However, my boss said to me “I got the xxx analysis, but where is your usual A+ work?” He literally said that. So, I stayed late to revise the analysis and he was happy with the result.

Then I was listening to your “lessons from my business” podcast where you talk about how value your employees according to their productivity, not hours spent, and that you have extremely high standards and expect that all of your employees be “A players” with the highest quality of work.

I am obviously getting something wrong. Please explain how to reconcile the productivity technique of B- work while also satisfying the work requirement for excellence.