soups and sushi

Hi Brooke,
I have few questions about the food I can put to my protocol. I am big sushi fan and it doesn’t have sugar and flower so I guess it is acceptable to eat. The question is how much for one meal? 2 rolls 6 pieces each? More, less? I always order avocado roll so it covers my fat 🙂 Can I add to it miso soup?
I also wonder in general if soups are ok? I like them because I feel cold very often and live in cold climate so soups were my way to keep me warm. How to count them as half of a meal or as a whole meal?
I also decided to have in my meals rice and buckwheat groats but in some ask Brooke questions I saw you don’t recommend to eat it. Is it better to add 2 oz to each meal or 4 oz one and skip it in the second meal? does it matter? I guess 4 oz to each meal is too much? In the book from overeating program I saw it was ok.
Thank you, I feel great since I’ve started (2 weeks ago). My mind is so sharp and a lot of sadness is coming to the surface but I can handle it. Now I know the difference between sadness and hunger, hihi.