specific material to work on in the overeating program?

Hi Brooke
First I apologize for my english. I have joined the SCS because of the work on thoughts and my need to lose weight
I would like to thank you for your very inspiring work, podcasts are “mind blowing” (I love this expression we have nothing like that in French) it gives me such hope !
I had difficulties to chose which material to work. I have experienced the overwhelming as you have warned, and I have had a tutoring call about that. I had a very good advice to go to the overweight program, to read, to watch the worshops and every day to do my homework on the “beliefs” with a sentence ” I am becoming that woman who can create a protocol and lose weight”
but I feel a little lost after having read the book and watched the videos. I understand that at this stage I should dive into a non flour non sugar protocol… Needless to say I feel this is just impossible. I fear not to be able to cope with my emotions. I panic…
Most of the time I have no overhunger no overdesire for food, on the contrary sometimes even without any hunger I very consciously look for “forbiden” food to fill me, and I am very aware that it is a way to avoid or cope with my emotion…
What it the regular path : we create a protocol, and then how do we work on facing the emotions, working on the thoughts?
is there a specific support for the overeating program to work on thoughts or emotions daily work, a theme to work ?
Or do I need to go to the “regular” monthly program and work this material until I am ready to create a protocol?
Also I am wondering if maybe I am just missing something in the website. In videos or booklets I have heard of “overeating master class” but under “assets” I just find “stop overeating workshop”
I am wondering if “master class” could be the next step after watching the videos of the workshop? if so how do I access to it?
I would appreciate your help…
Thank you very much again