Speed up the process?

Hi Brooke, I’ve been in SCS for about a month now and I’m loving it!
I’m currently going through the stop overeating course, and I’m wondering: is it a good idea to tempt myself on purpose with cookies while working from home so I can practice my new model (new thoughts: “I don’t need cookies, 2019 Me does not need to buffer, I can handle any emotion that comes up” instead of “I can’t resist cookies, so I might as well give in now” or “Oh it doesn’t matter, I’ll start eating healthy again tomorrow”)?
I’ve been trying on these new models for a few weeks now but am still having a hard time catching my thoughts in time. I *think* I remember you saying on some podcasts that you can change habits faster if you practice your new thoughts more often so they become a more efficient way of thinking than the old model more rapidly. And thus maybe making it easier for myself in the future where I can’t as easily control my environment and sometimes I find myself going unconciously eating cookies before even realizing I’m in my old thinking model again.
Do you think that can work? Of am I going to exhaust my willpower by looking at those cookies all day?
I’m probably going to experiment and see what happens today, but I’m curious to know what you think!