Spender Bender

I just overspent on something I wasn’t planning on buying. I’m trying to identify the thoughts that caused me to do it. I came up with, “that’s a good deal” “I can’t pass that up” “I just want it” “I should be able to have it.” “I have the money right now, I’m going to spend it while I can” I think these thoughts are creating a combination of feelings of scarcity and entitlement. I think these are recurring themes throughout my life, “there’s not enough, but I’m going to get mine.” I had a past of poverty and homelessness and to some extent I can see how that thought served me, by making me driven to get what I wanted and get to a place of moderate success. But I think I hit an upper limit, and even though the circumstances are different, the thoughts are the same. I want to get to believing there’s always enough and I have everything I need, but sometimes I think I use that belief to justify purchasing something also, so it might not be the best thought. I’m struggling to pinpoint the exact issue and shift that needs to happen to where I’m not overspending and I’m happy about it.