Spending Money

Hi there coaches,

I am exploring a few options in regard to getting my hair done and would love some advice about making this decision. I really want to have my hair trimmed and roots touched up with foils. I have a booking and have found out it will cost between $300 and $400. I usually go to a local woman who does it for a bit less, I can’t remember the exact amount, but I think it was between $200 and $300. I have chosen to not go with her as I now work full time and I would need to take time off work in order to fit in with her hours.

Now I have told myself that I do not want my bank balance to go below a certain figure. And with my calculations, it will if I get my hair done. I have even factored in some money I have coming to me with an art commission…

I am aware that I could make this money by making another offer or by thinking creatively. But I so desperately want to feel safe with my money and safe with myself to stick with my money plans. This is so important to me. And I don’t want to be scrambling to get my bank balance to a certain figure after getting my hair done. I want to have the excess money in my account before I get my hair done.

The problem is my hair does not look great at the moment. I have split ends and big dark roots. I have been waiting so long to get my hair done in this place it is a great salon and so many salons are completely booked out right now and short staffed.

I have in person meetings coming up with very stylish interior designers and want to look my best and feel confident. I WANT GOOD HAIR! And I feel that this will help me land deals. I wonder if I would actually get the job if I did not look well-groomed and even impressive. These are high-end clients!

I would love some advice on what to do! Pretty please!

Thank you in advance!