Spending money on Certification – Feeling selfish

I’ve been in SCS for almost 5 months now & have been listening to your podcast for over a year. I’ve been a coach at Orangetheory Fitness for 3 years now & within the last 4 months, I have branched out & started my own coaching business on the side. Helping people is my true passion! I’m doing one on one Coaching for weight loss & have also hosted a couple 6 week group workshops as well. My ultimate goal is to go through your Coach Certification & learn to develop & polish my skills so that I can really grow my business. I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year now, but haven’t had the money. I had a hip replacement (ps. I’m 28 ) & have been paying back medical bills. My fiancé also lost his job awhile back. He has another job now, but had to take about a $30,000 pay cut. We are now living paycheck to paycheck because unfortunately the bills didn’t decrease along with his paycheck LOL.

Anyway, Here’s what I’m struggling with. I have put all the money that I have earned from my side coaching business into a savings account so that I can use it for Certification. I have about $8000 saved so far, but I’m almost feeling guilty for using that money for myself instead of putting it towards bills & things for the family. I’m working on changing my thoughts around this… Is this a good model? Any input would be great! Thank you!

C: Spending money on certification
T: I should be using this money for my family bc we are struggling.
F: Selfish
A: Spin in my own thoughts
R: Lots of time is wasted that I could be using on my business

C: Spending money on certification
T: This will eventually help my family even more in the long run.
F: Excited & Proud
A: Put more energy into my business
R: Raise the money faster & get to work on growing my business sooner